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Born in Mexico City, Mariana Pérez Bobadilla is an Art Historian and DIYBiologist concerned with the intersections of Art, Science and Technology. She received an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to study a Master in Gender Studies at the University of Bologna, Italy, researching Feminist Epistemology and Contemporary Art. She has presented her work in ISEA 2012, and has been involved in the Mexican Pavilion of the 56th Venice Biennale. Her academic training includes courses with Rosi Braidotti, Magali Arreola and the international curators course of the 2014 Gwangju Art Biennale, in South Korea. Awarded by the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, her research in the School of Creative Media revolves around Art and Biology, Epistemology, History of Science, deep time histories of representation, New Materialism, Biohacking, Wetware and bacteria.

marolabo zebrafish


She liked to think of herself as descendant of Genghis Khan and her Asian eyes caused suspicion, but no one imagined a traveler sailing from Hong Kong. A hundred years later, his name had been forgotten, just a sound remained: Ǹg.

Asian eyes, feeling like a leaf moved by the wind, behaving like a liquid with no will of its own, pushed into an already full subway train. Those are the mornings in Mexico City.

Unfitting, unexplainable green eyes witnessing The Horror.

Unfitting, unexplainable green Asian eyes down south near the Tropical jungle, holding soft little brown hands of 40 children, in circle, singing tirelessly game songs, laughing our hearts out. Toothless mischievous smiling faces.

Bio developed in the context of The New Definitely Post/Transnational and Mostly Portable Open Epic as Rendered by the Elastic Circus of the Revolution by Amir Parsa.