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Microbial Emancipation



There is a clear trend in increased interest in microbiomes, especially the human microbiome. We have moved deeper in the gut microbiome and then to the biochemical relation of the gut and the brain. Nevertheless, this ever deeper relation stops in the difference, us with our animal cells, and them, the procaryotes.

The emancipation of the mitochondrial frames and visualize the well-known fact that our relationship is deeper. Bacteria are not just everywhere around but also somehow inside. Animal and plant life is possible because of this hipper-intimate relation. This is a mind-blowing fact that transforms the relation with microorganisms. We have known about the bacterial past of chloroplasts and mitochondria for decades thanks to the work of Lynn Margulis, but the Emancipation of the mitochondria makes it material, has it happen, helps us experience it in each of our cells.

Contained in a reliquary. The emancipation of the mitochondria is a ritual, is a sacrifice, killing the cell to defy all doubt, the mitochondrium lies bare, alone as an offering and proof.

The structure of the reliquary comes from the endoplasmic reticulum, the structure that allocates the mitochondria in the cell. The shape is reminiscent of religious reliquaries containing remains of saints.

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Link to Unity

Work by Maro Pebo

In collaboration with Malitzin Cortes and Yun W Lam

Special thanks to:

Blastogenesis and mitochondrial isolation: Hersson Vazquez at the molecular biology lab of Juan Pedro Luna Arias CINVESTAV.

3D Modeling and printing: Victor Climanyaro

Unity environment: Attique Hashmi

Work sponsored by a production grant PAPIAM, Centro Multimedia, CENART.