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1) Visual Ethnography. City University of Hong Kong

2) Moist Media / Bioart. Roy Ascott’s DeTao Masters Academy. Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts

3) Comparative paradigms / Art Theory.

4) Cyberception.

5) Professional development for artists.

Selected Public Speaking

Panel presentation “Nourishing and Nurturing: Placentas, Incubators, and the Politics of Life Ex-Vivo” at ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Arts). Paris, France, May 2023.

Panel presentation “Cosmologies of Care: Epistemological and Ontological Repositioning of Symbiotic Relationships in Art and Living Systems” at ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Arts). Paris, France, May 2023.

“Microorganisms on Stage: Winogradsky columns as performative displays in art and science” at De la performance à la microperformativité, at e Générateur, École polytechnique/Chaire Art-Science, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, curated by Jens Hauser, Paris, France, April 2023. “

Transcending self and other: Transspecies relationships, knowledge production through bioart,” Department of History of Art and Visual Studies, April 2023, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

“Speculative narratives for building ecosystems of care” with Interspecifics, at Somerset House Studios, Curated by Doreen A. Ríos, London, UK, February 2023.

“Transient organ” Open day presentation at  Femeeting Women in Art, Science and Technology. Odemira, Portugal, September 2022.

Panel presentation Islands of the Day Before: Artistic Exploration in Post-Anthropocenic Food Ecologies at ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Arts). Barcelona, Spain, June 2022.

Keynote “Art and life sciences: transdisciplinary knowledge production” at the Center of Critical Studies in Contemporary Culture, Autonomous University of Queretaro, Mexico. March 2021.

Presentation at RE:SOUND, the 8th International Conference on the Histories of Media Arts. Aalborg, Denmark. August 2019.

“Transcendence and Microbiopolitics: Art and biology as material speculation”. Presentation at ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Arts). Gwangju, South Korea, July, 2019.

Presentation at Consciousness Reframed. Bacterial Mechanisms: Material Speculation on Posthuman Cognition. Porto, Portugal, June 2019.

Presentation at FEMmeeting, Women in art and science. Villa Nova de Gaia, Portugal, May 2019.

Session Chair and Presentation at Art Machines: International Symposium on Computational Media Art , Hong Kong, January 2019.

Conference presentation at Taboo – Transgression – Transcendence in Art & Science , Mexico City, November 2018.

Presentation at the International Network of Electronic Visualization and the Arts Conference, Copenhagen, May 2018.

Presentation at the International Symposium on Practice-as- Research, at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong, 2017.

Presentation at ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Arts) Albuquerque, EUA, 2012.